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AVSEC & Emergency training
Emergency exercises
Organizing or support in planning of emergency exercise (Services in the field of Emergency Response Planning and Risk Management)
Evaluation of the security measures effectiveness. Consultations to help with implementation of the new regulations.

Highly regarded as experts in the field of Aviation Security AVSEC & Emergency Training can support your organisation to be aviation security compliant and help to ensure the security of company assets.

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Emergency exercises

Organizing or support in planning of emergency exercise

We specialize in:

AVSEC & Emergency Training understands the importance of emergency planning and risk management.  We provide services that continuously monitor and control these protocols to ensure they remain effective and up to date. We practically test emergency and crisis systems by conducting live/classroom exercises evaluating organisational readiness and responsiveness focusing on areas that potentially could be bypassed.

After conducting the live exercise we will produce an evaluation report highlighting areas of concern and guiding on how to improve processes and systems. The report helps identify key elements in having an effective crisis and emergency plan and also gives practical solutions to minimise negative impact on infrastructure, airport equipment, airport operations and of course the flow and safety of passengers.


Specialist advise and consultations in the field of Aviation Security

Legislative Implementation

After careful consultation with you, AVSEC & Emergency Training will assist in helping implement any new legislative regulation that has been passed into your security programme. We will help set new security measures, create new internal processes or just revise and update your existing processes to help ensure that the new legislation is correctly applied and understood.

EC Inspections and CAA Monitoring Activity

AVSEC & Emergency Training understands that it can be a stressful time when being audited by Civil Aviation Authority or the European Commission.  We help you before and throughout this process effectively evaluating your current processes and providing practical advice to rectify any deficiencies prior to the inspection. We step in and help you to communicate with the auditors during the audit and we ensure that the process runs smoothly and with minimal disruption to your business.  Afterwards we provide solutions to take your business forward and oversea any changes that are necessary.

Security Measures Effectiveness and Review

In this ever changing world it is vital that your organisation stays at the forefront of best practice and technology innovation. We provide independent evaluation of systems, processes and technology to ensure that your organisation remains effective with up to date security measures.

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