Vibra 2018 – Modern Psychophysiology

The VibraImage Technology

Vibra 2018 was the first International Open Science Conference focused on modern psychophysiology and the VibraImage technology, held on 28th and 29th June 2018 in St. Petersburg (Russian Federation) organized by ELSYS Corp. The two days program was divided into two blocks, the first one (28th June) only in Russian and second (29th June) with English talks, with the international audience, including also Japan, China, South Korea attendees.  

The main purpose of this conference was to introduce the novel control system, utilizing the smart cameras, able to detect the behavior of particular persons monitored.  The system was already tested on several airports, where it assisted to reveal infringement (drug smuggling, money smuggling).  

The system represents person´s emotions on the screen in colors around person´s face (green = normal, red = stressed), which can be further customized for individuals and companies. The customized software can be installed on computers and mobile devices, with the paid access to the results, delivered by email. This system might be used also on public cameras, scanning the drivers with the potential to prevent the crashes. Currently, the presented solution is operated in test mode on several airports, public transport stations and public terminals.

Foto: Denisa Podolková

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