Airbus A320 CEET

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer

At the end of November 2019 we accepted the unique opportunity to share our knowledge in the field of civil aviation security to the representative of the Luxembourgish airline. He attend the aviation security managers’ training and also the training for persons performing internal quality control and instructors led by Jana Podolková.

During these aviation security trainings the main impact is given to the practical lesson in Airbus A320 CEET in the Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC). During the one-hour visit of this advanced training device the trained person has opportunity to try not only hiding of the prohibited articles on the aircraft board, but also discover the procedures of the flight crew in case of a disruptive passenger, hijacker on board, their communication and documentation check. This part of the training could be mentioned as the significant benefit for both aviation security auditor and instructor.

Photo: Jana Podolkova

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